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Your Pet, Our Passion.
Man sat on the grass with trees with his dog lying in front of him
Breed quiz
Breed quiz

Welcome to the Purina Dog Breed Selector

Already know which breed you want? Find it in our Dog Breed Library.

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Whether you already know the breeds you like or need a bit of guidance, we’re here to help pair you with your ideal four-legged friend.
Breed quiz
Experience 1 / 3
Do you have experience owning a dog?
No, this will be my first dog and I am ready to learn!
I've looked after dogs before, so I have some experience
Yes, I'm a confident owner with lots of experience
Breed quiz
Experience 2 / 3
How much training would you like to do?
Don't Mind
I'm happy to do the basics
I'd enjoy a dog I can train to a high standard
Breed quiz
Experience 3 / 3
Would you be open to owning a dog from a breed that has known potential health issues?
No, I would prefer a dog from a generally healthy breed
I wouldn't mind dealing with some known potential health problems
I have experience in dealing with dog breeds that carry potential health risks
Breed quiz
Exercise 1 / 2
What type of walks would you like to do?
Don't mind
I'm looking for a dog to take on gentle walks
I'd like to go on active walks with my dog
I'd like to keep fit together with vigorous walks
Breed quiz
Exercise 2 / 2
How much would you be able to walk your dog every day?
Don't mind
Under an hour a day
For one to two hours a day
For more than two hours a day
Breed quiz
Appearance 1 / 3
Do you have a size preference for your dog?
Don't mind
A smaller dog would suit me best
A medium size dog works for me
I'd love a large dog
I'd love a giant breed of dog
Breed quiz
Appearance 2 / 3
Do you mind if your dog drools
Don't mind
Dog drool? As little as possible, please!
I don't mind dog drool.
Breed quiz
Appearance 3 / 3
How much grooming would you enjoy doing?
Don't mind
I can groom my dog once a week
I've got time for grooming every other day
I can fit in daily grooming sessions
Breed quiz
Behaviour 1 / 4
How vocal to do you want your dog to be?
Don't mind
I prefer quiet dogs
I love dogs that are chatty and vocal
Breed quiz
Behaviour 2 / 4
Are you looking for a dog who will alert you to visitors
Don't mind
Yes - barks and alerts
Yes - may be protective and suspicious of visitors
Breed quiz
Behaviour 3 / 4
Do you need your dog to get on with other dogs?
No, as long as they love me
Breed quiz
Behaviour 4 / 4
Will your new dog be living with any other pets?
Breed quiz
Environment 1 / 4
Are you looking for a family-friendly dog that will enjoy living with children?
No, I have a child-free home
Yes, I have children in the home
Breed quiz
Environment 2 / 4
Do you have a garden?
No, I don't have a garden
Yes, I have a small garden
Yes, I have a large, well-fenced garden
Breed quiz
Environment 3 / 4
What kind of environment will your dog live in?
My dog will live in the city with me
I live in a semi-rural part of town
We're going to enjoy coutryside life
Breed quiz
Environment 4 / 4
Will your dog ever be left home alone?
No, there will always be someone with my dog
They might be left for a couple of hours occasionally
They will be left alone regularly
Perks of Taking the Dog Breed Quiz
Sketch of a dog holding out its paw to the open hand of a person
Created by an in-house team of Purina breed experts
Sketch of a person running with a dog on a harness
We’ll match their needs with your lifestyle
Sketch of an adult dog lying down with a puppy on its back
Over 240 breeds to choose from including pedigree and cross