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Purina and breeders

Purina Breeders

At Purina we believe that nutrition is the foundation of long-term health and the starting point to an amazing life. 

Our goal is to support like minded breeders to provide optimal nutrition to their own dogs and cats and help them share this with their new puppy and kitten owners, helping to help provide them with meaningful health benefits that foster long-term well-being. 

Enjoy the benefits of Purina Breeder Connect Membership including*:
  • Preferential prices and premium home delivery on ProPlan and Beta food along with other Purina brands
  • FREE recommendation food for puppies or kittens going to a new home
  • Incentives for referring new owners or other Breeders to the programme 
  • Dedicated breeder team and technical helpline
  • Access to the Breeder Lounge at Crufts for active members (purchase terms apply)

*Registration to the Purina Breeder Programme is subject to review by a Breeder Manager. Programme T&C’s apply. 

Black Labrador eating out of a bowl
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For Pro Plan Breeders

We believe that nutrition is the foundation of long-term health and the starting point to an amazing life. ​All Pro Plan products are formulated to make the most of high-quality ingredients, delivering efficient nutrient absorption and targeted benefits at every stage of life.

The Purina Breeder Connect programme has been designed to support you along the whole journey of breeding and exhibiting both cats and dogs fed on Pro Plan. 

Beta range
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For Beta Breeders

We’re all about celebrating dogs being themselves and doing what they naturally love. That’s why we’re inspired to develop high quality nutrition that specifically supports their natural requirements.

Our BETA® range contains a natural prebiotic that is proven to help improve digestive health, which is important for dogs during all stages of their life – particularly for puppies as they transition from your home, to their new family's home.

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