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Purina is part of Blue Horizons, a new branded online film series series which included films produced for us, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and and presented by the World Ocean Council.

This online film series explores how the ocean is connected with each and every one of us.

Working with Purina, BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions filmed episodes in The Netherlands, Norway and the UK and highlights the efforts of Purina and its partners efforts to help restore marine habitats in Europe and help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture practices. 

Episodes focused on the ocean restoration work in The Netherlands and Norway can be viewed below.

Find out more about the episode filmed in the UK that explores the potential role of seaweed bio-stimulants in regenerative agriculture here.  

The vital role of seagrass and oysters in Ocean Health

In this video, you’ll see the work of the Sea Ranger Service, and hear from Professor Dr. Laura Govers talking about the vital role of seagrass meadows and their efforts to restore the species, which is great at capturing carbon in the sea but in decline in areas including Zeeland in the Netherlands. You’ll also hear from our partner Oyster Heaven, who are using materials compatible with nature such as clay, to reconstruct oyster reefs, which support biodiversity and act as natural water filters, allowing more sunlight to reach seagrass meadows. 

The disappearing kelp forests

Watch the video to learn about the importance of kelp forests (a type of seaweed), which are rapidly declining in some areas. Hear from our partner Urchinomics talking about how they remove overgrazing sea urchins, which can overgraze kelp forests, with the help of volunteer diving organisation Guardians of the Kelp. You’ll also hear from SeaForester about their techniques to help restore rapidly disappearing seaweed forests in other areas in Europe. Seaweed has many benefits including absorbing and storing large amounts of carbon, providing nursery grounds for many marine species and reducing carbon acidification.

Purina Europe's Ocean Restoration Programme

The ocean is essential for all life on earth, providing food and livelihoods to billions of people across the world. However, overfishing, pollution and climate change have damaged nearly half of the world's oceans, resulting in the dramatic loss of marine habitats.


To help address this challenge, we launched our first Ocean Restoration Programme to help tackle marine biodiversity loss. We are partnering with the expert organisations featured in the Blue Horizons series to help restore kelp, seagrass and oyster reefs, which provide vital marine habitats for marine life including fish. 

Did you know?
Fish is part of Purina´s supply chain because it uses fish by-products, which are parts of fish that are not typically consumed by humans but provide a valuable ingredient in pet food, so that nothing goes to waste.


Did you know?
The programme aims to restore 1,500 hectares – the equivalent of around 3,700 football pitches – of marine habitats in Europe by 2030.


Find out more about our Ocean Restoration programme.

Our Purina Commitments
Nutrition is at the heart of what we do, but it´s not all we do. We are committed to doing more of what matters for pets, for the people who love them and for the planet we share.