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Pet Care Advice

At Purina, we have everything you need to know about pets! Whether it's a puppy, kitten or older companion, behaviour issues or health queries, our experts have been helping pets live healthy, happy lives for over 85 years and have got you covered.

Expert cat care

When it comes to caring for your cat, you need to get your information from an expert.

To see what Purina have to say about cat nutrition, behaviour, development, health and more, explore our articles below.

Expert dog care

Part of caring for a dog is understanding their needs. When you need more information about dog nutrition, behaviour, health or training, turn to Purina's experts. Find our best advice and tips by exploring the below articles.

Dog and cat sitting on owners lap
Extra support for pet owners
At Purina, we know how rewarding the bond with our pets can be. But we also know that sometimes, times get tough and we all might need a bit of extra support to do the best we can to look after our favourite furry friends.

So we’ve put together hubs containing some of our best pieces of expert advice and tips on some key topics.
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Kitten Code
Whether you're trying to understand your new arrival's quirky behaviour or want to learn about feeding recommendations, our experts are here to help. Explore our kitten articles to find all the information you need to get them off to the best start in life.
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Growing Pup
Your puppy deserves the best, so look to our experts to learn everything you need to know about puppy training, nutrition, health, behaviour and more. Our tips will ensure your growing pup is living his best life.

Discover more

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Health & care
Whether you're dealing with digestive upset or an ear infection, a newly-pregnant pet or pesky parasites, our experts are here to help. Browse our extensive collection of health articles to learn more about common concerns and when it's time to see the vet.
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Purina expertise
Feeding & nutrition
Whether you want to know when to switch from puppy/kitten to adult food or you're wondering how often you should feed your pet, we've got the answers. Explore our feeding and nutrition articles to get advice from our experts.
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Purina expertise
Behaviour & training
Pet behaviour can range from the funny and mysterious to signs of something more serious. Explore our articles on how to better understand your pet, help train them, and when to seek professional advice.
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Purina expertise
Help your pet live their best lives, right into the golden years, with tips from our experts on everything from health concerns to nutrition advice.
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