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With more than 60 culinary experiences for Feline Foodies, which one will you go for first?

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Nature`s Creations Gravy Heart
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Nature's Creations Gravy Heart

Discover our new, steam-cooked mousse with a luscious gravy heart inside.

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Gourmet Nature's Creations food on a plate
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Nature's Creations

Luxurious wet food for adult cats, made with selected natural ingredients and rich in poultry, meat or fish, enriched with vegetables and gently produced for optimum flavour and nutrition.

Gourmet Mon Petit Intense plate of food with fork picking up a piece
Mon Petit Intense
Appetising fresh portions packed with intense flavours.
Gourmet Revelations
The time has come for your feline friend to experience GOURMET REVELATIONS, the ultimate Foodie Ritual. A collection of delectable recipes presented in the form of delicate mousses topped with cascading gravy.
Gourmet Gold mousse served on a plate
Wide variety of textures and flavours to spoil her sophisticated palate in every meal.
Gourmet Perle meal served on a plate
Succulent fillets in delicious gravy.
Gourmet cat
Gourmet Satisfaction Guarantee
“I promise a truly delectable eating experience or I will offer a full refund”. If you should be less than satisfied with your GOURMET meal you will receive all your money back without quibbling, hissing or scratching. Just have your personal shopper call 0800212161. T&Cs apply, please click here for more information on how to claim.

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Why people love Gourmet

“Scrumptious” says my elderly cat Clarence
My elderly cat Clarence has not many teeth left and is very fussy. I bought Purina Melting Heart for him recently, and he not only adored it but ate the whole lot. Unbelievable.
December 2020
Our Minx loves them!
We were given a trial box of Gourmet Perle ocean selection for our cat Minx to try. He cannot get enough of it now. He eats every single morsel and completely licks his bowl clean.
December 2019
My cats love it so much
Best cats food ever, my cats love it. We have tried many different brands but Purina is great!
November 2019