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We care about how our ingredients are grown, and that's why we're supporting farmers' transition to regenerative agriculture practices with a global investment of over $30 million.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that aims to improve soil health and fertility, as well as protecting water resources and biodiversity. Compared with conventional agriculture, regenerative practices are less intensive and can help farms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Having living plants in the ground all-year round can also lead to more carbon being draw down from the atmosphere and stored in the soil and plant biomass. Healthier soils are more resilient to the impacts of climate change, helping to improve farmers' livelihoods.

Supporting farmers as they transition to regenerative agriculture practices​

In our journey to move towards regenerative agriculture we are working in close partnership with those who grow and supply our cereals and vegetable proteins, including farmers.

This journey started in 2020 supporting wheat farmers in the UK and corn and wheat farmers in Italy with their transition to regenerative practices including cover crops, reduced tillage (to help minimise disturbance to the soil) and hedgerow planting. In 2023, we have started to engage with farmers in Poland and Hungary to extend our support for regenerative agriculture practices into more European countries.

Supporting studies to transform modern farming

Purina is part of Blue Horizons, a new online film series which includes films produced for us, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and presented by the World Ocean Council. 

The following video explores the potential role of seaweed bio-stimulants in regenerative agriculture, filmed in the UK.  

How seaweed could transform modern farming

Purina is supporting organisations who are exploring novel agricultural approaches. Purina has brought together a consortium of experts in seaweed bio-stimulants, plant health and soil science to launch a three-year academic study on the possible role of seaweed-based bio-stimulants in regenerative agriculture. This episode features our expert science lead at Fera Science Ltd., and a UK cereal farmer taking part in the study. 

Purina’s partnership with Blue Horizons also featured episodes focused on the ocean restoration work in the Netherlands and Norway that is part of Purina Europe’s Ocean Restoration Programme. These episodes can be viewed here