Key Life Stages of a Cat

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Caring for your cat through every life stage

How to care for your new kitten?

Sleeping Arrangements for a Kitten’s First Night Home

Sleeping Arrangements for a Kitten’s First Night Home Teaser: A kitten’s first night in a new home is likely one of the biggest challenges they have ever faced. Here are a few things to know and what you can do to help your new kitten sleep peacefully through the night.
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Litter Training Kittens and Cats

If you have an indoor cat or one with limited access to outside, a litter tray is essential. Litter training kittens and cats is relatively simple and with this helpful guide your furry friend will be using the tray confidently in no time!
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Bringing a Kitten Home

Great news - the time has finally come when you can welcome your new kitten into your home! Just like bringing home a new-born baby, you’ll want everything to be just right so that they’ll settle in quickly and feel right at home.


How to Groom a Kitten

Although your cat is beautiful, they are so much more than a pretty face. Not only do they have a stunning coat, but they’re biologically designed to look after them.
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What to Feed a Kitten?

So you’ve welcomed a new bundle of fur to your family – congratulations! Now that you’ve settled the new arrival into your home, you’ll be wondering how you can help them grow up healthy and strong.
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Getting a Kitten

So you've decided you can give a loving home to a cute little kitten - you’ve done your homework and know which breed you want.
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