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I'm Tarn, I'm a happy go lucky sort with a keen interest in making sure everyone is happy. It's my job, as Head Hound of Happiness after all.

In order for Purina to make PAW a barking success, there were many practical considerations to make all employees feel the workplace is a comfortable and inclusive environment.

General concerns

Everybody’s views on the PAW programme were listened to and everyone’s opinion taken very seriously in order to create a fair and supportive atmosphere in the office.

But what about phobias?

On a practical note, the office layout is always considered whenever a new pet is introduced to ensure they are not situated close to any colleagues who may feel uncomfortable. The Pets At Work team listens to feedback from all concerned parties and then takes action to ensure the office environment suits all.


No one sniffs at allergy concerns. Seating plans of the office are carefully considered to ensure those colleagues who have allergies do not sit near dogs. We make sure everyone has the option to go ‘dog-free’. We have dog free spaces throughout the building - colleagues can go to a dog free meeting and eat their lunch in a dog free restaurant. These restricted areas help prevent issues as well as the deep cleans that are regularly carried out. We do ask all our owners to groom their dog before he/she visits the workplace and clean up any dog-related mess in any space in the building. This includes hair, dander and slobber, as well as any dirt or mud from outside.

The experts are on hand…

The Pets At Work team created a specific plan and a set of initiatives to make worklife as easy as possible for anyone with allergies - offering everything from initial advice to prick tests. The plan was reviewed and validated by an independent allergist from the British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology (BSACI). If allergies are experienced, colleagues are encouraged to speak to Nestlé's Occupational Health team who will then deal directly with any concerns and support the staff member.

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