Your Pet, Our Passion.

Imagine being able to effortlessly explore Petcare websites, knowing that you will find the perfect products and services tailored to your dog's profile.

This is what MyPetPass can do for you. MyPetPass, is a digital search assistant that helps you make the right choices for your dog. Once you create your profile by indicating your dog's dietary requirements and health needs, MyPetPass will take care of the rest.

How MyPetPass works

Create your pet's profile

Provide basic details like your pet's name, breed, age, weight, food preferences, allergies, and health conditions.

Improve your search experience

MyPetPass plays a supportive role in streamlining your search experience as a pet parent to find the right products for your dog's needs.

Explore and enjoy

View recommended pet foods, explore details, and easily purchase through integrated links.

Purina and MyPetPass

At Purina, we understand dog owners and how overwhelming pet parenthood can be. That's why we are thrilled about MyPetPass search experience to make dog food shopping easier for pet owners. Just like us, MyPetPass wants to make pet parenthood a smoother journey.

If you already have a MyPetPass account and would like access to your profile information, run the MyPetPass experience here.

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The more you use your profile on different sites, the more accurate it will be.
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MyPetPass uses encryption to safeguard your pet's profile and any personal information attached to it.

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