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Better together: Purina helps RSPCA to support struggling pet owners

The fund is helping to keep people and pets together amid the cost-of-living crisis

At Purina, we believe that pets and people are better together. In an effort to keep pets and loving owners together during the hard times many are currently experiencing, we have been supporting the RSPCA through the Purina Better Together fund since 2022. 

The fund allows RSPCA inspectors and rescuers to help those most in need, through pet care vouchers issued directly to owners in their homes. The vouchers  enable owners to pay for urgent vet treatments and other costs, which they otherwise couldn’t afford. To date, Purina has contributed over £140,000 to the fund and the vouchers have helped to treat over 900 pets, and counting. RSPCA inspectors have issued vouchers for a huge range of conditions, from skin and coat problems, to flea and worming treatments, ear and eye infections and for lumps and bumps to be checked out by a vet. 

As part of our commitment to promote responsible pet ownership, we are proud to support the RSPCA and the valuable work they do.

As well as providing immediate help and relief to pets in need, these on-the-doorstep interventions are  helping to prevent a pets’ condition worsening to the point where giving the pet up for its own benefit, might become an owner’s only option. The treatment of both acute and chronic health issues, has enabled many hundreds of pets to stay healthy and remain in their homes, with loving owners.  As well as protecting these important bonds between pets and owners, the scheme is also helping to reduce the pressure faced by animal charities like the RSPCA from people who may have otherwise given up their pets.

The creation of the Purina Better Together Fund comes at a crucial time as RSPCA research recently revealed that 78% of pet owners think the cost of living will impact their animals, and over a quarter (28%) were worried about being able to care for their pets. 

Bonzo's story

A pair who have already benefited from similar funding are 19 year old crossbreed dog Bonzo, and his elderly owner (pictured.) Bonzo was suffering from a worsening skin condition and an ear infection, but sadly due to his owner’s circumstances, Bonzo hadn’t been given veterinary treatment, and his welfare was suffering.

After concerns were raised with the RSPCA, Inspector Rosie Russon visited Bonzo and his owner at home. It was clear that the senior pooch was a much-loved companion, and the pair simply needed a helping hand to get on top of the issues.

After making five separate visits over an eight-week period, it was clear that Bonzo's owner had taken on board the advice and had been cleaning and treating his dog's wounds which went on to completely heal. Rosie was pleased to report that the fur on Bonzo’s head had regrown and that his ear infection had cleared up too, ensuring that he could remain with his delighted owner.

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