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Find out how to set up a Pets at Work scheme at your company.

Discover all the business benefits a Pets at Work scheme can bring – and the six steps you can take to make it happen in your workplace.

Make your workplace pawsome!

Six Steps

However formal or informal you want your policy to be, and whatever the size of your workplace, we can help you set up your own Pets at Work scheme. Look at the six steps it takes!

six steps to setting up Pets at Work
Employer Benefits of Pets at Work

We passionately believe that pets and people are better together – and that belief is backed up by research. When we spoke to over 1,000 companies as part of a benchmarking study, the results revealed how powerful a force for good pets can be for business.

Our research showed some of the key benefits for business are:

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Why not try a one day trial?

Promoting and running your own Doggy Day Trial is a great way of getting people used to the idea of dogs in the workplace. And once people have seen it in action, you’ll find it easier to gain buy-in for something bigger.

Doggy Day Trial Plan

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Once it's decided to run a Doggy Day Trial, you need to set a date (Friday is  often a good choice), promote it and remind people about responsible pet ownership. You'll also have to agree some clear guidelines for everyone to follow.


Next Steps

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If a Doggy Day Trial proves successful and you’re thinking about launching your own Pets at Work scheme, remember you can contact us for more information and support.


People who’ve experienced Pets at Work just can’t stop talking about it. Watch our videos to hear testimonies from other businesses with experience of Pets at Work, and hear first-hand how it has made the office environment more relaxed and a happier place to work.


Our PAW Podcast

Working with People Management we have created an exciting podcast on the topic of Pets at Work targeted at the HR community. 

As employers consider what the new world of work looks like post lockdown, the podcast aims to convey what a positive & progressive initiative PAW is and the huge benefits it can have on employee wellbeing and productivity. With a surge in Puppy ownership and many dog owners becoming especially close to their pets during lockdown PAW is very relevant now, as not only can it provide a feel good factor to people returning to offices, it can also help ease separation anxiety.

On the podcast panel our very own Gemma Gillingham is joined by Holly Patrick, lecturer in HR management at Edinburgh Napier University; Jo Hemmings, behavioural and media psychologist to discuss the benefits of working with our dogs & why HR teams should be considering it right now.

Interested? Have a listen here, or find us on Soundcloud here

Case Studies

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Pets at work
Interested in setting up Pets at Work in your workplace?
We want to use our expertise in allowing pets in our offices to help other companies do the same. If you are interested in making your workplace pet friendly, contact us and we will help you!