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Purina Ingredients

Purina Ingredients

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What is “crude ash” that appears on the label's ingredient list?

The term “crude ash” refers to the amount of minerals present in our recipes, such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The declaration of this parameter is required by the European regulation ((EC) No 767/2009). It does not mean that the product contains added ashes.

Imagine a full bag of Purina dry pet food. If we take out the content and burn it completely, most of the nutrients the product contains – protein, fats and carbohydrates – would burn without leaving a trace.

All that is left behind, are the minerals, those inorganic substances present in the ingredients of the recipe. The term “crude ash” or also called “incinerated residue” or “inorganic matter” listed on the label therefore refers to the amount of minerals in a pet food product.

Minerals are another essential class of nutrients that must be included to ensure a healthy and balanced diet (e.g. calcium, phosphorus and magnesium). They are needed for the development and function of your pet’s body. They help to balance body fluids and to support strong bones and teeth.

Crude ash