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Sustainability Manager @Purina



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What do you do to reduce water consumption?

As a business and as individuals, we have a responsibility to care for water so that, in the future, more and more people can access this precious resource. At Purina, water is key to our operations and products.

We use it to clean and prepare our raw materials and for cooling and cleaning our equipment. We contribute to our parent company’s commitment to continue working on reducing the use of water per tonne of finished product in order to achieve a 35% reduction of water withdrawal in 2020 compared with 2010 levels. 

At Purina, we are improving water efficiency in our operations. We focus on the most water intensive processes in our factories, like retorts (used to sterilize the Wet products) and steam tunnels (used to cook the product) in factories producing Wet products. For several years, factories have implemented design changes to their equipment to recover and reuse water within the process, like in the case of our retorts. We have also created a network of process specialists within the factories, supported by our central experts, in order to identify, share are replicate solutions to save more water (as well as energy) in these processes. Finally, factory teams monitor these processes to ensure their water consumption remains at the defined standard level, allowing teams to react and put in place mitigation measures in case of deviation.

On top of the work focused on the big users mentioned above, factories organize events to raise employee awareness on water, such as videos or water leak chasing contests.

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