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Pet Food and Wellbeing

Pet Food and Wellbeing

How should a properly formulated pet food work?

Just as important as what we put into our Beyond recipes is what your dog gets out of them.

This is why we emphasize high digestibility when we formulate our Beyond dog food recipes. Only when pets can easily break down the food they're eating are its nutrients successfully put to use in the body.

Dog and cat eating next to each other from their bowls.

Taste, Texture & Kibble Size

Of course great nutrition is worth nothing if your pet won't eat it. This inspires our pet nutritionists to ensure that each bowl of Beyond satisfies your pets palate as well as his nutritional needs, helping to contribute to overall pet wellbeing. Taste, texture and kibble size are all factors that affect the appeal of a food to dogs, so we place considerable focus on palatability while formulating our recipes.

What we put in our healthy dog food formula is important, but so is what we leave out. All of our dry recipes contain high quality protein as the number 1 ingredient. Every recipe is made with selected natural ingredients and essential nutrients so that your pet gets what matters most – an enjoyable meal that's 100% complete.

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