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Bakers Small Dog product next to a Jack Russell and bowl of food

Discover the Bakers Small dog range

Bakers, the perfect balance of taste & goodness every bowl every day!
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Two Bakers Superfoods Small Dog products
Small Dog Core
100% complete nutrition, Perfect nutritional balance for all your dog's daily needs.
Two Bakers Meaty Meals Small Dog products
Small Dog Meaty Meal Range
100% complete nutrition, 100% Tender Meaty Chunks*
*softness varying with time


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Why people love Bakers

Dog standing on his hind legs with Bakers meaty meats
“My dog loves this, Bakers quality never lets me and my dog down”
Andrea Burton
April 2021
Dog eating from a bowl with Meaty Meats in the background
“I have struggled to find a food my new 4 year old chorkie would eat. These bite size meaty cubes are perfect for his small size, highly recommend!”
Zowie Adamson
December 2020
Dog looking out the window with Bakers
“Tia was so happy with this, defo going to be buying this a lot more for her now. I have one happy dog!”
Kat Andrews
October 2020