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Felix® Dry Cat Food

FELIX® Doubly Delicious Beef, Chicken & Vegetables Dry Cat Food

Available sizes:
  • 100% of your cat’s daily needs
  • Supports strong teeth & bones- with the help of Vitamin D
  • Helps your cat with a good vision, thanks to vitamin A
  • With quality protein
  • Offers two different textures
Product overview


  • 100% of your cat’s daily needs    
  • Supports strong teeth & bones- with the help of Vitamin D    
  • Helps your cat with a good vision, thanks to vitamin A    
  • With quality protein    
  • Offers two different textures

FELIX® Doubly Delicious Dry is a tasty range of meals that will appeal to your cat's senses with an exciting combination of delicious Crunchy kibbles and Softer, more tender chunks. Your cat will love the delicious combination of flavours and crunchy and softer textures!

These tasty meals also contain a proper combination of minerals and vitamins to satisfy 100% of your cat's daily needs. 

Awaken the senses of your little rascal - at every meal

Ingredients & nutrition


Meat and animal derivatives (of which 3% chicken and 1% beef)
Vegetable protein extracts
Oils and fats
Derivatives of vegetable origin
Various sugars
Vegetables (0.7% dehydrated vegetables equivalent to 4% rehydrated vegetables)


367kcals per 100g

Nutrition & Analytical Constituents

Protein: 30.0%
Fat content: 11.0%
Crude ash: 8.0%
Crude fibre: 3.0%

Nutritional additives

IU/kg :
Vitamin A : 15,000
Vitamin D3 : 1,200
Vitamin E : 100

mg/kg :
Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate : (Fe: 57)
Calcium iodate anhydrous : (I: 1.8)
Copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate : (Cu: 10)
Manganous sulphate monohydrate : (Mn: 6.1)
Zinc sulphate monohydrate : (Zn: 80)
Sodium selenite : (Se: 0.12)
Taurine : 1,000

Feeding guide

Feeding guide

For an average 4kg adult cat, feed 60g dry alone.

Dual feeding for an average 4kg adult cat, feed 45g & 1 wet of any Felix adult 85g pouch.

The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your cat a lean, healthy body weight. Fresh, clean drinking water should always be available. Sufficient consumption of water is necessary part of healthy, every day nutrition.