This year the nation’s most mischievous black and white cat is going to be popping up in the most unexpected places, bringing smiles to the faces of people across the country.

Felix is UP TO MISCHIEF® at Waterloo

Felix has been getting #uptomischief at the nation’s busiest train station. Maybe you saw him darting across the platforms or spotted him leaping down the escalators? To catch all the action check out the video below.

Felix is UP TO MISCHIEF® at The Movies

Looks like Felix is at it again! This time he’s been getting #uptomischief at the movies…

dirty dancing paws jump

Felix is UP TO MISCHIEF® around the web

The nation’s favourite mischief maker doesn’t seem to rest! Here he is getting #uptomischief across the web. Don’t forget to click below to follow Cats Like Felix and never miss any of his antics!