Crispies Salmon & Trout

FELIX® Crispies Salmon & Trout Cat Treats 45g

"My cat loves these and prefers them to Dreamies !

He sits by his place mat puts his paw up to beg like a dog and ill not move until he gets at least 4"


Salmon & Trout

Tasty FELIX® CRISPIES flavoured with Salmon & Trout cat treats as they're full of delicious flavours and irresistible textures.

            Crispies Salmon & Trout

Healthy Goodness

A nutritious delicious treat we're sure your cat will love what ever the time of day!

            Crispies Salmon & Trout

Feeding Guide

Complementary pet food for adult cats


Daily feeding amounts up to:
Adult 4kg - 14g or approx. 75 pieces
Please adjust the main meal accordingly.
Fresh drinking water should always be available.

            Crispies Salmon & Trout

Pack Sizes


            Crispies Salmon & Trout