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Playtime tips

Playtime tips

Playtime is not only the perfect opportunity to spend time bonding with your kitten it also helps improve his eye-paw coordination. Your kitten loves a bit of ‘together time’ – his happiness shows in every playful pounce and flick of his tail!


Preparing an obstacle course is a good way to help keep your cat full of energy and in good overall health. Introduce your cat to the obstacles one by one before taking him through the entire course. It may take a little while for him to learn each step, but be patient, and remember that the time you spend together creates a true bond between you.

You can also improvise new steps - just make sure they’re safe for your cat! Remember not to give the reward directly from your hand, as your cat might accidentally ‘nip’ you in his haste to claim his prize! Instead, put a kibble on the floor after he performs each obstacle.

    Here’s what you need to get started:

    • A hoop (or any ring-like object will work, e.g. a child's hula-hoop)
    • An empty cardboard box
    • A cat tunnel (you can find one in a pet store or make one yourself with blankets and chairs)
    • A chair or scratching post
    • GO-CAT® kibbles
    • A clicker to reinforce behaviour (optional)

Step 1

The first obstacle is the hoop. Position the hoop a little above the floor with the cat on one side and a tasty GO-CAT® kibble on the other. When your cat passes through the hoop, he’ll get his reward!

Step 2

Make a barrier with the empty cardboard box, with the cat on one side and the reward on the other, and then encourage him to jump over it.

Step 3

The third obstacle is the cat tunnel. Guide your cat through the tunnel with a GO-CAT® kibble. Be sure to give it as a reward at the end!

Step 4

Complete the course by getting your cat to leap or jump onto a little stool or chair, and reward him with a final GO-CAT® kibble.

Learning to behave

As you get to know your kitten, you'll notice he will form his own little personality and behaviour patterns at a very early age. The influence of his mother and littermates, as well as his interaction with humans, will help to determine what these patterns will be.

Avoid letting a kitten play with your hands. This will turn a moving hand into a play object and could lead to painful scratches as he grows up. Instead, encourage your kitten to play with toys - this will stimulate his sense of play and help him grow into a happy, intelligent cat. Making playtime part of your daily routine will not only brighten your day but will also strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Changes in play

After about five months, kittens will naturally start to play less. Some behaviourists suggest that it’s because they have come to the end of a learning period. But with the right encouragement and regular playtime periods, you can continue to share playful moments for many years to come.

Besides bringing happiness into both your lives and strengthening your bond, playtime will also help to keep your new kitten healthy and vital, and promote eye-paw coordination.

What's more, because kittens are so bright, they can be taught to perform tricks. With a little patience, a lot of praise, and some tasty GO-CAT® kibble rewards, you and your kitten will enjoy perfecting tricks together!

The right toys

Even the simplest things can make life brighter for you and your kitten. For example, a table tennis ball or a crumpled piece of paper can provide hours of fun and entertainment. Just make sure you avoid using any objects that are small enough to be swallowed so your kitten can play freely without you having to worry.

For more playful suggestions on how to make life brighter for you and your kitten, take a look at our selection of enjoyable games​.

Like mature cats, kittens have a healthy curiosity for paper bags - just make sure you keep plastic ones out of reach so they can play safely. Climbing poles and scratching posts are a great source of entertainment, while giving your kitten something to sharpen their claws on and will help save your furniture from scratches!​

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