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Frequently Asked Questions

Today people are becoming more aware of what is in their own food and desire less artificial colours. This applies to pet’s bowls too! We have listened to our consumers and responded by removing artificial colours from our recipes without compromising on our great taste and quality.

No, the colours we have used in our products have always been perfectly safe for pets. Go-Cat® ® has been feeding cats with good, wholesome nutrition for decades and this honour comes with great responsibility. We have removed artificial colours and listened to our consumers, so you can keep feeding your cat the same tasty food they love and feel proud about it!

We are replacing the artificial colours with non-artificial colours, which are colours identical to substances naturally present in nature such as in plants or minerals. Through appropriate technical processing (such as physical (e.g. extraction) or chemical), these colours can then be used in pet food applications on an industrial scale.

E141 (Chlorophyllin Copper Complex), for example, is a colour derived from the pigment in nature that gives plants and algae their green colour.

E160b (Annatto/Bixin/Norbixin) is a pigment derived from the seeds of the achiote tree and is used to impart a yellow or orange colour to food.

Artificial colours do not have a natural occurrence (they are not identical to substances found in the nature).

The non-artificial colours we use are colours identical to substances naturally present in nature such as in plants or minerals. E numbers have no relation to being artificial or non-artificial. E numbers are provided to any food additives that are permitted for use in the “E”uropean Union, following a thorough assessment.

E numbers cover a broad range of substances including food colourants, preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilisers, thickeners and gelling agents, for example. Many components of natural occurrence have E numbers such as vitamin C, which is called E300, vitamin D (E 671), lactic acid (E270), or Citric acid, which is called E330.

We do not intentionally add any artificial colours in the formulation of our products. However, despite all of our precautions, there could be unintentional artificial colour traces. Whilst we have done everything to limit this from happening, the factories producing our product continue to manufacture other products with artificial colours. If you have any concerns regarding this, please call a member of our care line who will be happy to help with any queries.

The No Added Artificial colours change has a cosmetic impact on the kibbles, but does not change anything in the palatability, digestibility and nutritional values of our products. Go-Cat® keeps the same great taste that your cat loves and palatability tests have been conducted to prove this.

There are some minor recipe changes that are occurring as a result of this relaunch, but in any case, they have no impact on the nutritional quality of the food.

The recipe has not changed but the rules have. This terminology is no longer acceptable, so we have to use the appropriate one, which is “flavoured with” when it comes to an ingredient that is present in the product at a quantity inferior to 4% in the finished product.

“Added” is not allowed by regulations anymore so we replaced it with “flavoured with” because we had less than 4% of vegetables in the finished product. However, we have decided to increase the level of vegetable inclusion (to 4%) which enables us to say “with vegetables” on pack.

No. If your cat was eating Go-Cat® already, he should not refuse the new product as we tested and confirmed that, on average cats, the product was performing at parity versus the previous recipe. In case you are just starting to feed your cat Go-Cat®, it is advised to introduce the new food gradually over several days in mixing it with the current one. Refusals are most often related to the psychophysical condition of your cat rather than a potential change of food. In addition, cats are usually quite happy with a change of diet and we are certain they will love our great taste!

Didn’t find your answer? Call 0800212161 and a member of our professional care line will be more than happy to answer all of your questions!