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PURINA® GO-CAT® SENIOR Cat with Chicken and with Vegetables
  • PURINA® GO-CAT® SENIOR Cat with Chicken and with Vegetables

    PURINA® GO-CAT® SENIOR Cat with Chicken and with Vegetables

    Our cats are natural explorers, alive to everything in their world. It’s what makes them such fascinating members of the family and brings so much vitality to our home.

    When cats get older, they tend to rest more and run less. So, it's important that we help them to nurture their natural love of discovery by supporting their specific physical needs.

    That’s why Purina® Experts have created Go-Cat® Senior 7+ Formula for cats over 7 years old: delicious quality cat food, carefully balanced to meet the needs of older cats who burn less energy and require fewer calories from their food.

    Go-Cat® has been feeding cats with good, wholesome nutrition for decades. We fill millions of bowls and this honour comes with great responsibility. It’s up to us to make sure all cats who eat delicious Go-Cat® get the healthy food they need… That’s why Go-Cat® recipes are made with no added artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. So you can keep feeding them the same tasty food they love and feel proud about it.

    With Go-Cat®, your Senior cat's world of discovery starts with the right food :

    • No Added Artificial Colours, Flavourings or Preservatives
    • 100% complete and balanced nutrition
    • Specially formulated with quality protein to help keep your senior cat in good shape and support his vitality
    • With the right level of Taurine to support a healthy vision and heart

    Go-Cat for Senior Cats with wholesome Chicken and vegetables to help your cat stay happy, healthy, and living a life full of discovery.

    Tones muscles

    High quality protein to support muscle tone

    Healthy teeth and bones

    Essential minerals and vitamin D for healthy teeth and bones

    Urinary tract health

    Taurine to help promote a healthy heart and good eyesight

    Urinary tract health

    Tasty, complete nutrition made by PURINA ® experts

    Nutritional information
  • PURINA® GO-CAT® SENIOR Cat with Chicken and with Vegetables


    Complete pet food for adult cats

    Composition: Cereals, Meat and animal derivatives (10%*), Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Minerals, Vegetables (0.6%**), Yeasts.

    *equivalent to 20% rehydrated meat and animal derivatives, with min. 4% chicken.

    **equivalent to 4% rehydrated vegetables

    Additives: Nutrtional Additives

    IU/kg: Vit A: 16 500 ; Vit D3: 1 370; Vit E: 117

    mg/kg: Fe(E1): 191; I(3b202): 3/; Cu(E4): 46; Mn(E5): 20; Zn(3b605): 241; Se(E8): 0.3; Taurine: 1 150.

    Colours* and antioxidants

    *no added artificial colours

    Analytical Constitutes:

    Protein: 30%,
    Fat content: 9%,
    Crude ash: 7%,
    Crude fibres: 3%.

    Overview Feeding guide
  • PURINA® GO-CAT® SENIOR Cat with Chicken and with Vegetables


    The senior maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your cat at a lean, healthy body weight.

    Fresh, clean drinking water should always be available. Sufficient consumption of water is a necessary part of healthy, every day nutrition.

    Nutritional information
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