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How long does PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR take to reduce the allergens?

It takes about 3 weeks!  PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR should be used with a combination of other allergen management tools.  Read more here...

All cats produce the Fel d 1 allergen in their saliva, which is then transferred into the home and onto their fur as they clean themselves.   

In the first 3 weeks of feeding PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR, the key protein source from eggs safely binds to the Fel d 1 allergen and starts to neutralise it.  As every cat is different, the level of Fel d 1 produced may differ, as can the timings.   

It can also stay around the house so feeding PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR should be included in your general allergen management routine. 

For other ways to help reduce cat allergens in the home, you may find our Managing Cat Allergens article helpful.