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What does it mean “made with recycled plastic”?

It means that recycled plastic is used to develop new plastic packaging. This contributes to reduce the need of virgin plastic (generally only made from fossil materials (oil).

If the recycled plastic is used in a packaging that is recyclable, we contribute to the circular economy.

We treat our packaging as a resource, not waste. After the bag is placed in the bin, it is collected, crushed and checked for contamination. The bag will be chemically recycled. Chemical recycling turns the soft plastic bag into what it once was - oil. The barrel of oil is now ready for refinery.  

The refinery cracks the plastic rude into simpler molecules. This is the first step in creating a new plastic. Next, the processed oil goes to resin manufacturer, where plastic pellets are created. A plastic filmmaker then uses these pellets to make a new roll of plastic film, which packaging manufacturers make up to meet their customers’ requirements for food safety, quality and design. Finally, we have a new plastic wrapper that’s safe for use for food.