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Try DentaLife® for free!

Thank you for applying for a free sample of Purina ®DentaLife®, unfortunately our current allocation of samples have all been claimed!

Please check back with us soon as we hope to release more samples later in the year. In the meantime, you can view the Dentalife range via the ‘Buy Now’ button below or read reviews on what other dog owners have thought of Dentalife.


Dentalife Chews - More Please !

My dog Millie has been trialing Dentalife Chews as I am always on the look out for something that actually works! She has been having 1 a day for 2 weeks and her teeth are in really good condition. She does have her teeth cleaned but doesnt really enjoy it.


Mollie loves them

So mollie can be a little fussy on her denta treatment,so wasn't to sure if she would like them.she loves them every morning she sit by her cupboard and asks for a denta stick. Her teeth are looking a lot cleaner also.its a must in our house.


Both my dogs loved this new chew.

Our dogs are extremely fussy over what treats they will eat but they both absolutely loved this ( I split the free sample between them both). It is now a firm favourite which is on the weekly shopping list as they both now look for their chew at bedtime.


My dog gets so excited for these!

These are just great! My dog, Tess, gets more excited about these 'treats' than anything else I give her! She absolutely loves them! She doesn't realise they're actually good for her teeth as well as tasty! I'll definitely be purchasing more when these run out.


Top dog

These dog chews are fantastic. The first thing you notice is that they don't have that very strong pet food smell, they are also about twice as thick as normal chews but very light in weight not heavy and plastic looking like some.

Great product!

My dog absolutely loves this product! He really seems to enjoy the taste and gets extremely excited when he sees the packet! His breath had definetely improved which is great as he is a licker! He loves his new denta stick routine! I will definitely be switching my usual brand and buying dentalife instead!

They really work!

These dog breath freshener chews are amazing, my dog Janet has been having them for just over a week and I'm pleased to say we have noticed an improvement in her doggy breath, she absolutely loves them, we feed them to her when ever we arrive home from working as she always has a treat and she has started to do a special little dance when she knows she is having a treat.

Enjoyable treats

I tried the Dentalife dog chews on my dog and he loved them. They are a little bigger than other dog chews, but that meant our dog got more time to enjoy them. We used them daily and did see an improvement in his teeth so will be continuing to use them from now on. Would recommend to any dog owner.

Daisy loves these

I was sceptical at first when i first started daisy on these chews as i had never heard of DentaLife before and i wondered did they really do what they say. How ever now i can honestly say i am very impressed, it does do exactly what it says on the packet. her teeth are cleaner, her breath is fresher and she really really enjoys them. i also have piece of mind as there low fat.