Dog Health and Nutrition

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How to keep your dog happy and healthy

Exercise and Weight Management for Dogs

9 Creative Cat and Dog Enrichment Ideas

Spending lots of time indoors can get boring for all after a while, and that feeling extends to your pets too! That’s why we’ve put together this article to give you lots of handy tips for keeping your cat or dog entertained inside your home.
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Is My Dog Overweight?

Just like us, it’s not hard for dogs to put on a few extra pounds, especially as they get older and exercise less.
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Dog Exercise and Staying Healthy

Dog exercises help your dog control their weight and reach their ideal body condition, build energy, and maintain a strong cardiovascular and immune system. And if you join in, you’ll get all those health benefits too!
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The Healthy Dog Weight and Body Condition

You love your dog just the way they are, so you probably won’t worry too much if they seem to put on just a few extra pounds. But from a health point of view, size really does matter!
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Playing With Your Dog

Playing with your energetic dog is an invaluable part of your relationship with them and what’s more, playing together on a daily basis helps both of you stay physically and emotionally healthy – what more excuse do you need?
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Dog Weight Control Case Studies

At Purina, we asked for two people to share their pets’ weight management journeys with us. Read their diaries and find out how their dogs’ health changed – and get inspired to put your pet on the road to fitness!
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