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Symptoms to watch out for in your dog

Dog and owner at park

Skin problems and skin conditions in dogs

If your dog does develop a skin condition, there’s no need to worry. They are often common and very treatable with the right care. Here’s a guide to what to look for.

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Labrador lying down

Dog feeding and loss of appetite in your dog

Although dogs have a reputation for eating anything and everything, some are quite fussy and others can suddenly go off their food. Discover what you can do about your picky dog below.

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Ear infections in dogs and cleaning dogs’ ears

Ear infections in dogs aren’t uncommon, but with the right care and treatment you can keep your dog’s ears nice and clean, and prevent further earache for both of you!

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Copraphagia in dogs

No one likes to admit that their dog eats faeces, but many do and as a dog owner you may want to understand why they do it, and what you can do about it.

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Dog carrying ball

Looking after your dog’s health

We understand that you always want the absolute best for your dog, and this all starts by keeping them as healthy and happy as possible. To keep your four-legged friend in tip-top shape, give them a regular once-over with using our ‘dog symptom checker’ guide.

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Dog on lead with owner

Dog Seizures

While it’s not common, sometimes dogs can suffer seizures. There are many potential causes, from ingesting something toxic to having dog epilepsy. This guide will help you understand more about seizures in dogs, and what to do if your dog has a seizure.

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Dog with owner in the park

Heat stroke in dogs

Your dog loves spending the summer with you – there’s so much opportunity to go outside, explore and play. However, should the weather be particularly warm, it’s sensible to consider heat stroke in dogs and the effect the sun might have on your friend.

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Small dog looking sad

Worms in dogs

Nobody likes to think of their dog having worms, but there’s nothing unusual about it – in fact, your puppy or dog has probably had them at some point in their lives!

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Fluffy dog panting

Dog digestive health and the digestive system in dogs

Your dog’s digestive system can normally look after itself, as long as it is getting the right food and nutrition. But even with your care it can sometimes encounter unexpected problems.

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Labradoodle in doorway

Hair loss in dogs

It can be quite worrying if you notice that your dog seems to be losing some of their lovely coat. Hair loss in dogs can be the result of skin infections such as ringworm (a fungal infection), a bacterial infection or parasites such as mites, and is often the result of the dog scratching or licking an itchy or sore area.

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Dog with football

Kidney problems in dogs

Kidneys are very busy organs that have lots of responsibilities to keep your dog healthy, from removing toxins to maintaining their blood pressure and helping to create new red blood cells. With so many jobs to do, it’s perhaps not surprising that kidneys can start to wear out as dogs get older.

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woman holding chihuahua

Is my dog ill? Unusual symptoms to watch out for in your pet

Just like us, dogs can also feel a little under the weather. The only difference is that your pet can’t tell you when they’re feeling poorly, so it’s important that you can recognise common dog illness symptoms so you can help your furry friend feel like themselves again. Pay attention to subtle signs, as dogs can be good at hiding any aches or pains.

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Dogs in bed with owner

Treating ticks, fleas and other parasites on dogs

A dog’s soft and warm fur is one of the reasons why we love cuddling them so much – it’s also why ticks, fleas, lice and mites find your pet hard to resist! Dogs have quite a high probability of coming into contact with these parasites at some point, as well as others such as worms, but with a bit of know-how you can easily control and treat them.

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