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British Longhair

The British Longhair is a medium sized, short, muscular cat breed, with a wide chest and a love for relaxing. Underneath an impressive straight, resilient and weather-proof coat, there is a compact and powerful cat, with a broad chest, short, strong legs and neat round paws. The coat is semi-longhair and should be dense, with tufted feet and plenty of fur on the ears.

12 – 17 years
3.2 – 7.7kg
Solid, tabby, parti-colour and dilutes.
The need-to-know
  • Great for first-time cat owners
  • Quiet and sedate cat
  • Highly active and inquisitive cat
  • Sociable and dependent cat
  • Slightly talkative cat
  • Average build cat breed
  • Requires grooming every day
  • A bit of both indoor and outdoor space
  • Great family cat
  • Can be regularly left for a few hours
  • Great for a relaxed home


As kittens, the British Longhair is a playful and adorable creature, with its huge eyes and fluff. When they mature, they are inclined to adopt more thoughtful and lazy behaviour, more given to planning and plotting than to physical involvement in cat-based chaos. They enjoy some time outdoors but are a little too trusting and slow to react, to be given free access to the wider world, and will need supervision and ideally, a cat-proofed garden or an enclosed ‘catio’.

The British Longhair is not a demanding cat, and as a quiet creature, they’re a little too easy to ignore, so care must be taken to ensure they are given plenty of social contact and ‘family time’.

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