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Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a medium to large sized cat, built on distinctly chunky lines, with a powerful, muscular body, short muzzle, short legs and rounded head. Their large eyes and soft, ruffled fur give them a deeply attractive expression.  

The Selkirk Rex comes in a long or short haired variety and the degree of curl in the coat varies with age, gender, climate and season, but the overall appearance is always that of a plush, soft, luxurious cat. 

Selkirk’s come in all colours and coat patterns, and long coats will have a plumed tail and significant ruff around the neck and chest. 

The need-to-know
  • Great for first-time cat owners
  • Enjoys playing games and is active at home
  • Playful and curious cat
  • Sociable and dependent cat
  • Slightly talkative cat
  • Average build cat breed
  • Requires grooming every day
  • A bit of both indoor and outdoor space
  • Great family cat
  • Can be left alone all day
  • Needs a calm environment

Key Facts

Lifespan: 10 - 15 years
Weight:  4.5 - 7kg
Colours:  Selkirks come in all colours and coat patterns.


Family-friendly: 4/5
Playfulness: 4/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Tendency to Vocalise:  2/5
Likes Other Pets: 4/5
Grooming needs: 5/5
Shedding: 4/5
Selkirk Rex cat is watching playfully


The Selkirk Rex is described as being mellow, and their nature certainly fits with their adorable, soft, teddy-bear appearance. Loyal and devoted to family and generally affable with visitors, the Selkirk makes a pleasant and not too demanding house-cat. They are, beneath the fluffy coat, an active and playful cat, so will enjoy some play, but won’t tear your home down if you are busy.

Selkirk Rex cat is laying on a floor in the kitchen

History and Origins

Country of Origin: Montana, United States

Other Names: Sheep cat

The breed originates from a blue tortoiseshell and white feral cat found in Montana in 1987. She produced a litter which had an unusually curly coated kitten, this kitten was adopted by Persian cat breeder Jeri Newman and named DePesto as she was a very attention seeking ‘pester cat’! By breeding from her and researching her mother, Newman discovered that DePesto and her mother were carriers of a new, dominant gene that caused a curly coat. This was not the same gene that caused the curled coats of either the Cornish Rex or the Devon Rex. DePesto was mated with a black Persian cat and produced a litter of six, three of whom were curly coated! 

Selkirk Rex’s are named for the Selkirk Mountain range in the North West of the US/South West Canada. 

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