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Easily recognisable because of their noble, wrinkly heads, droopy lower eyelids and long, pendulous ears, Bloodhound’s have powerful bodies and limbs, and are truly big dogs!

10–12 years
Their short, smooth coat comes in black and tan, liver and tan, and red
Kennel Club group
The need-to-know
  • Dogs suitable for experienced owners
  • Extra training required
  • Potential health risks
  • Enjoys vigorous walks
  • Enjoys more than two hours of walking a day
  • Large dog
  • Some drool
  • Requires grooming once a week
  • Chatty and vocal dog
  • Barks and alerts to visitors/anything unusual
  • Generally friendly with other dogs
  • May need additional training to live with other pets
  • May need additional supervision to live with children
  • Needs a large garden
  • Can live in semi-rural areas
  • Cannot be left alone
This breed has a higher risk of heath issues

Bloodhounds are prone to: 
- Skin infections, as they have a large amount of skin compared to their body size. This results in skin folds where infection can develop.
- Hip dysplasia 
- Elbow dysplasia 
- Gastric dilatation volvulus 
- Ear infections  

Priority Kennel Club health schemes and testing: 
- Hips dysplasia screening scheme 
- Elbow dysplasia screening scheme 
- Eye screening scheme


These are gentle-natured, affectionate dogs who usually get on well with children and can live in harmony with other dogs and household pets. They are friendly dogs who will welcome both wanted and unwanted visitors. Although quiet in the house, they can be very vocal outdoors. They are family dogs and do not like to be left alone.

Vet Rating

History and Origins

Ideal Owner

Exercise Needs

Space Requirements

Nutrition and Feeding

Grooming Bloodhounds

Training Bloodhounds

Suitability for Family Life

Did You Know?

  • When James Earl Ray, the murderer of Martin Luther King, escaped from prison in 1977, he was only recaptured thanks to a pack of Bloodhounds who tracked him down several days later in the mountains of Tennessee.
  • One of the most successful Bloodhounds who was responsible for tracking escaped criminals in Kentucky recaptured over 600 fugitives. In one notable case, the trail ran for 138 miles and was 104 hours old.
  • Such is the regard for their scenting abilities, in many states of the US, a Bloodhound’s evidence in court cannot be challenged.
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