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Meet Raasay

Border Collie, 2 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Raasay is...

She has the most expressive eyes and face. Giving you the side eye, death stare or looking you up and down. She is one of a kind!!

The biggest challenge with Raasay is...

She does not have an off switch. Her energy levels are extremely high. Her breed is known for fixating on something eg a ball so she only gets it for short periods, then it is put away. Only then will she settle.

The most surprising thing about owning a Border Collie is...

That they are super intelligent but can also be very stupid.

What I wish I’d known about Border Collies is...

I didn’t realise their obsessive nature but a friend who owns them said “don’t let them turn into a ball junkie” and that basically sums them up. Give toys and balls sparingly and then take away.

Did you know?

A Border Collie named Chaser is known to be the world’s smartest dog, being able to recognize the names of more than 1,000 objects and understand basic sentences. 

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