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Say Hi to Rose

Border Collie, 8 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
Rose was adopted!

She came from Many Tears .

My favourite thing about Rose is...

She is very clever and wants to please. She is very loyal and is always close to us. She enjoys being made a fuss of and loves to sit on our lap. She loves routine . Although she is 8 she still enjoys playing with a frisbee and going for walks in our field. She is good with our livestock ( chickens and geese) sometimes she tries to herd them but would never harm them.

The biggest challenge with Rose is...

She is very sensitive and can worry over new situations or meeting new people. She is anxious on walks and will bark and lunge at other dogs, going to the vets is tricky because we have to avoid other dogs. She reacts to fast movements because of her strong herding instincts, our grandchildren have to remember not to run or jump about. If they do Rose can sometimes chase and nip them.

The most surprising thing about owning a Border Collie is...

Just how clever they are and how sensitive they are. They are not a very sociable breed I suppose because they are bred to be working dogs often leading solitary lives on farms.

What I wish I’d known about Border Collies is...

How strong the herding instincts are and that they can lead to problems such as chasing traffic, bikes and joggers. Because they are so clever they do need to be kept busy

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