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Introducing Buddy

Bull Terrier, 16 Weeks old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Buddy is...

He has been very keen to learn and has a very sunny nature. Bull terriers are not the easiest of puppies as we have had them in the past. They are energetic and like to have a mad five minutes running around and can be stubborn. He’s been the best one for walking on a lead and loves going out. Been easy to socialise, not worried about much, wants to meet everyone and everything.

The biggest challenge with Buddy is...

We have another dog aged seven (an old English Bulldog) and it has been difficult and hard work, but we have now turned a big corner and they are bonding. Puppies like to play bite and older dogs get fed up so breaks are needed. He lives in a playpen this ensures supervised play and much needed puppy sleep. He’s always hungry loves his food and treats when training him to come back.

The most surprising thing about owning a Bull Terrier is...

They are sunny and good with other dogs and people, it’s the owners not the dogs. Some people are wary of them yet we’ve never experienced any problems, not really sure where the reputation came from. Ours over the years have been nice family dogs.

What I wish I’d known about Bull Terriers is...

They are willful and maybe not for a first dog, experienced owners will fair better.

Did you know?

Their enthusiasm and sense of humour is infectious, to share some time, space, a home, with a Bull Terrier is to throw your hat in the ring and join in the madness!  

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