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Say Hello to Tilly

Cavapoo, 1 Year old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Tilly is...

How loving and caring she is. She is so kind and gentle with the children. She is so excited to see us, all the time. She wants everyone to be her friend, even our cat who tells her off all the time, she doesn’t care she keeps going back to play again and again with him. She loves to try and please us. She gets us outdoors in all weather. She was the best decision we made.

The biggest challenge with Tilly is...

She has no recall. She loves to chase birds, squirrels, rabbits and also is a massive sniffer. If we let her off the lead and she gets distracted we can not call her back at all. This means she has to always be on the lead.

The most surprising thing about owning a Cavapoo is...

We researched a breed which was good with children and cats, which didn’t need hours of walking, which would work well in a routine and a Cavapoo exceeds on all of these. Tilly loves our children and cats, she is great going for a lovely long walk but is also fine with a shorter walk some days. She fits in with our family routine amazingly. She also is a great dog to take out to lunch, coffee etc

What I wish I’d known about Cavapoos is...

When getting a Cavapoo we knew they are needy and like to be with you all the time. She does get sad when we leave her, but she is often fine within 10 minutes and we give her a chew, or something to play with to distract her when we leave the house.

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