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Meet Bentley

Cocker Spaniel (English), 3 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Bentley is...

He is a working dog and aims to please at all times. Is the sweetest boy and always there for cuddles when I need cheering up (or just when he wants snuggles). I also love the hilarity he brings to my life since he’s so bright and bubbly all the time!

The biggest challenge with Bentley is...

As he’s a working dog he has an Immensely high prey drive, managing this can be challenging and requires ALOT of training. I also struggle with his anxiousness towards men and occasionally children due to him heing a lockdown puppy

The most surprising thing about owning a Cocker Spaniel (English) is...

They are incredibly clever and never fail to impress with how smart they can be. They can however be as equally stupid as they’re 100mph and act before they think! (Impulse control is a thing that must be taught to them)

What I wish I’d known about Cocker Spaniels (English) is...

They do not need walked off their feet! Breed specific stimulation and outlets is far better for them and how their brains work! Channel what they’re bred for and use it to your advantage instead of over exercising them and creating an even fitter dog with even less of an off switch!

Did you know?

A Cocker Spaniel named Tangle was the first cancer-detecting dog, trained to recognise the smell of cancer with a success rate of 80% accuracy. 

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