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Say Hi to Henri

Fox Terrier Smooth Coat, 6 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Henri is...

Henri is a very intelligent little dog. Always ready for an adventure. He loves using his beautiful long nose and legs for exploring whilst out on a walk. He also enjoys scent based games at home and is a very quick learner. A loyal dog equally at home trotting along in town or running around in parks , countryside or on a beach. Loves being with children, especially if they throw him his ball.

The biggest challenge with Henri is...

He likes chasing furries, so good training is essential. Recall training is especially important if he is off the lead. He can be quite aloof, which is not uncommon in fox terriers. Don’t expect a lapdog. He likes a fuss but is just as happy curled up in his bed.

The most surprising thing about owning a Fox Terrier Smooth Coat is...

They are super intelligent and very quick learners. So you will never be bored. Their coat dries very quickly and mud easily brushes off. They are classed as a vulnerable native breed whose which means you won’t often see them while out on a walk. They are a very robust dog so expect to have your companion for many years. They are fearlessly loyal.

What I wish I’d known about Fox Terrier Smooth Coats is...

They can get bored very easily so need plenty of stimulating games and exercise to keep them occupied.

Did you know?

Typical of the terrier type, the Smooth Fox Terrier is inclined to kill first, ask questions later, and so owners should be aware of their high prey drive and desire to behave like a working terrier even if they are a star of the show ring! 

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