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Meet Sansa

Irish Red and White Setter, 1 Year old

🌆 City dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Sansa is...

How joyful she is. She just loves life and being alive and every single thing is like the best thing ever. I get so much joy just from watching her interact with her world.

The biggest challenge with Sansa is...

She's all about FUN so it can be difficult to keep her focus when there's a lot of it on offer. She's particularly fond of escaping onto nearby golf courses and stealing the balls.

The most surprising thing about owning a Irish Red and White Setter is...

How much of a lap dog she is. She's a super high energy breed, but she loves her snuggle time more than anything and will happily spend hours just cuddling with me.

What I wish I’d known about Irish Red and White Setters is...

How bright they are! The common opinion is that they're quite dim, but Sansa is so observant of the world around her and she absorbs information like a sponge. She knows so many tricks I never tried to teach her - including opening doors (even ones with round handles!)

Did you know?

Hunters in the 1800’s favoured dogs with white markings, in part due to the difficulty in seeing a dark red dog against the reddish browns of the heather and peat terrain they worked on.

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