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Meet Charlie

Jack Russell Terrier, 10 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
Charlie was adopted!

He came from RSPCA.

My favourite thing about Charlie is...

He is very loving. Sits on my lap and pushes his head into me. He is outgoing, loves everybody and is a real ambassador for rescued dogs. I have just got a puppy, now 10 weeks old, and he is so very patient with him, plays tug with him and even let's him nibble his bone, which is a real concession!

The biggest challenge with Charlie is...

Being a typical Jack Russell he loves to go off chasing rabbits. This means that I can't let him off lead when we go out for our lovely country walks. This is partly due to his history. He was never taken out until I got him at 15 months.

The most surprising thing about owning a Jack Russell Terrier is...

Their never-ending energy! Charlie and Jack, my other JRT are both 10 and still happily walk for a couple of hours a day as well as playing with the new puppy who is a little bundle of energy. People think of the breed as sharp and snappy but with gentle but very consistent treatment and training they are wonderful responsive and loving little family dogs.

What I wish I’d known about Jack Russell Terriers is...

You need to have plenty of time and lots of energy to get the best from these adorable bundles of fun. You get back what you put in and a Jack Russell needs 100%

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