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Let's say hello to UK Champion Parabar Mohican’s Medlar

Lancashire Heeler, 3 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about UK Champion Parabar Mohican’s Medlar is...

Medlar loves to be with me . He will jump out of anywhere to be by my side . If I stand still he puts his foot on my foot so he knows when I move . Or he will lay with his head on my feet if I am at the kitchen sink! He is a comic and loves long walks and swimming in ponds or rivers.when ever he can.. He can walk as far and further than most people due to his breeds history as a drovers dog.

The biggest challenge with UK Champion Parabar Mohican’s Medlar is...

He is an athletic breed being once the Drovers dog and as such uses his brain to come and find me. If needs be he can jump fences to achieve his objectives.

The most surprising thing about owning a Lancashire Heeler is...

They are a determined breed who also love to please, do agility, cani-cross and track.

What I wish I’d known about Lancashire Heelers is...

A breed that needs exercise and mental exercise to keep them from becoming destructive and noisy.  Being originally the drovers dog they would have ‘yapped / woofed’ at the stock they were herding as well as ‘ nipping ‘ at the heels of animals.) They also can do this to their owners unless not trained not to do so. They are a pastoral breed and terrier only by size.

Did you know?

Although popular as a cattle-driving dog, the Lancashire Heeler was also favoured by poachers for their agile skills and excellence in rabbiting. Said to be “small enough to fit into a poacher’s pocket”, it must be remembered that a poacher’s pocket is a large pocket hidden in the back of a jacket taking up almost the full width… so they aren’t as tiny as that may suggest! 

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