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Get to know Bo

Russian Black Terrier, 3 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Bo is...

His intelligence and loving nature. He is a real home boy and just lives for his family. He is very protective of his loved ones and is constantly happy.

The biggest challenge with Bo is...

Stopping him opening one of the gates in our garden. He has worked out how to unlock it so that our three dogs can run about. Luckily our garden is escape proof!

The most surprising thing about owning a Russian Black Terrier is...

How very smart and intuitive they are, they can definitely sense their owners feelings, it’s almost like a sixth sense.

What I wish I’d known about Russian Black Terriers is...

That they become such a huge part of your life and take a huge part of your heart when they leave you so absolutely treasure every moment that you have them because it goes by so fast.

Did you know?

The Russian Black Terrier may be bred for military work; however, they are easily capable of a variety of tasks such as pulling a small dog cart, and competing in agility, obedience and more.

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