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Get to know Ruby

Welsh Springer Spaniel, 5 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍼 Lives with children
Ruby was adopted!

My favourite thing about Ruby is...

Miss Stinky Pants is a great family dog and the best companion although she thinks cat poo is a running buffet.

The biggest challenge with Ruby is...

she was sold by a backstreet breeder to someone who kept her in a coal scuttle the size of a deck box from 5 -14wks when I fostered her. She's been food aggressive, downright destructive, lots of separation anxiety until she started scent training and she is now a full licensed explosives detection dog keeping her community safe.

The most surprising thing about owning a Welsh Springer Spaniel is...

she's the best listener and companion although I could do without the cat poo thing and her curiousity about other living things.

What I wish I’d known about Welsh Springer Spaniels is...

mental stimulation and they need a purpose.

Did you know?

The Welsh Springer Spaniel has been known by many names, including Welsh Spaniel, Red and White Spaniel, Welsh Cocker and the welsh word ‘Tarfgi’ which means ‘dispersing dog’ referring to their job of flushing game toward waiting guns. 

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