I'm Browser, repawting for duty.

I know all the useful things there are to know about our fascinating facilities. First up…pet-free zones and signage

Some areas are dog-free, for the comfort and safety of all employees. These areas currently include the restaurant, kitchen areas, stairwells (unless there’s an emergency or fire drill), desk tops or meeting tables, toilets and selected meeting rooms and lifts.

To help navigate the office space and to define the pet friendly routes into and through the building, Purina created signage to help pet owners and non-pet owners alike, as well as visitors who are all made aware this is a dog-friendly workplace. The signage also demonstrates where the pet free facilities are so those with phobias or allergies can navigate the building without encountering a dog. You won't come within sniffing distance of me, if you don't want, I promise!

We take pride in our process and the community of responsible dog owners continually building in the office, and all of our colleagues understand the type of behaviour that’s expected from themselves and us. There’s lots of info on hand - we provide leaflets on ‘Pet Etiquette’, ‘Tips for Dog Owners’ and ‘Tips for Non-Dog Owners’ to answer any questions or concerns.

Secondly, office floorplans

We take into consideration how well the dogs get on with each other – with a woof and a wag they love meeting new pals. However, if dogs don’t get along, we make sure that each has their own space, so that everyone is comfortable and happy.

My fave topic...Scentral Bark

To give us hard working hounds somewhere to wag our tails and catch up on the daily gossip with our fellow canine companions, Purina created two on-site doggie parks - the main one is called Scentral Bark. We can pop down with our owners when we need some fresh air and a run around. Purina put a lot of thought into the two parks - the gardens support local wildlife and one also has a wormery to organically dispatch any pooch poop. If longer walkies are required, employees are also supplied with maps that direct them to the nearest public paths and fields.

The car park

While we're all puppies at heart, some of my more mature buddies need a bit more help to get into the office. That is why Purina has a dedicated pet-friendly car park situated on ground level, so we can easily make the commute without having to use the stairwells in the multi-storey car park. Result, I say!

Health and woofare

There's a monthly Pop Up Surgery to make sure we're in tip top condition - our owners can get flea and worm treatments for us, vaccinations and receive health tips and advice from vets/experts on-site. Each monthly review means we get a stamp and signature on our Passpawt. There's a First Aid Kit, a dedicated Dog First Aid Warden and the Dog Friendly Buddies take owners through the emergency procedure during our probationary period - they've thought of everything to keep us as safe and happy as possible.

Cleanliness it's next to dogliness, I mean godliness.

Colleagues take full responsibility for keeping the office and all the areas where dogs are present tidy. They happily clean up after us and as all dogs are housetrained, accidents are minimal. But… no matter how careful we are, some times we get overexcited and accidents do occasionally happen. *Hangdog face.* When they do, our owners will diligently clean any mess up immediately and then report the accident to the cleaning team, so that everything can be properly disinfected. Workmates are provided with cleaning kits and the Facilities team regularly vacuum and perform weekly deep cleans to make sure the office remains spick and span.

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