Looking after your older cat

Looking after your older cat

Looking after your older cat

Looking after your older cat

Looking after your older cat

Looking after your older cat
July 31, 2018

Looking after your older cat

Although cats are considered senior from the age of 7, there’s no reason why they can’t enjoy the highest quality of life for many years after this age. In fact, the average lifespan for cats is now over 14, meaning many cats will be seniors for over 50% of their lives. This article explores the effects of ageing in cats – and some of key ways you can help your older cat stay in great condition for as long as possible.

looking after your ageing cat

How old is your cat in human years?

Cat age  Human equivalent
7   44  
8   48  
9   52  
10   56  
11   60 
12   64  
13   68  
14   72 
15   76 
16   80 
17   84 
18   88
19   92
20   96
21   100

The effects of ageing in cats

As your cat gets older, you will start to notice some of the signs of ageing below. And as with humans, these signs are likely to become more noticeable as the years pass.

  •  Lower activity levels
  •  Less interest in spending time outdoors
  •  Longer periods of sleep
  •  Weaker immune function
  •  Reduced or fussy appetite
  •  Less playfulness
  •  More vocalising
  •  Less grooming
looking after your ageing cat

Keeping your ageing cat healthy

As cats start to slow down naturally with age, it becomes more important for owners to help them stay active in body and in mind.

Regular play is one of the best ways to achieve this. By using toys like a catnip mouse or fishing pole, you can keep your cat’s muscles, joints and reflexes exercised. You will also help keep your cat’s brain stimulated and alert.

Puzzle feeders are another great way to give exercise for the body and the mind. Because they make your cat work harder for treats, they can also help maintain healthy body weight as your cat’s activity levels start to drop with age.

How can nutrition help?

As their bodies and lifestyles begin to change with age, cats’ nutritional needs change too. A specially formulated diet like PURINA® PRO PLAN® ADULT 7+ can help tackle the challenges of ageing and keep senior cats in peak condition.

The diet contains LONGEVIS, a unique nutrient blend that’s proven to extend healthy lifespan of 7+ cats by one year on average. The blend includes high levels of vitamins to support the immune, renal and digestive systems – as well as balanced minerals for a healthy urinary system.

PURINA® PRO PLAN® has two diets enriched with the LONGEVIS nutrient blend. Find out more about each below:


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