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7 Cat Apps You Need to Know About

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Whether you’re looking for help with training or to entertain your feline friend, cat apps are the perfect solution for this. But it can be hard to know which cat apps are suited for your dear feline, which is why we have a list for you. Check it out below! 

Cat apps for fun interactive games  

It can be challenging at times to keep your cat happy indoors, especially as cats love to pounce and play. If you’re a little busy but your feline friend is meowing at you to be played with, handing them a touch-screen device with a fun and interactive game will keep them busy for a little bit! We recommend a tablet device for optimal fun.

Our handy guide on the best videos for cats will ensure your cat will be entertained for hours! 

Check out our list of cat apps for games below: 

Cat Fishing 2 

What it does: Catch and release sea creatures at playtime! Cat Fishing 2 is the perfect mental stimulation for your pet which nurtures the cat’s hunting instincts. The sounds in the game are also great to keep your furry friend’s interest for longer. 

Price: Free to download 


Cat Fishing 2 – App Store 

Cat Fishing 2 – Google Play 

Game for Cats 

What it does: Choose from butterflies, lasers and mice! These interactive components run and glide across the screen and wait for your cat to ‘catch’, which they do by tapping the screen. Once they do, the component disappears and your cat will get points (of course, they can’t see this but at least we can be proud!) 

Price: Free to download 


Game for Cats – App Store 

Pocket Pond 2 

What it does: It’s time to catch some more fish! We don’t want our feline friends sticking their paws into a real-life pond, so this is the next best thing. With Pocket Pond 2, you can raise, feed, breed, and trade fish in your own virtual koi pond, where the fish interact to your and your cat’s touch. Your cat will love seeing them swim around on the screen! 

Price: Free to download 


Pocket Pond 2 – App Store 

Best training apps for cats 

Cats, like any pet, need to learn how to behave in their new homes. It can be quite daunting but cat apps for training are here to help! Read on for more. 

Cat Training Clicker 

What it does: We’d rather our cats would have a perfect scratching post to dedicate their natural habits than scratch our furniture or scale our curtains, so a clicker is great consistent sound for training. This clicker app comes with four different sounds, so your cat can associate that sound with negative or positive behaviour. It’s easier than getting yourself four different clickers! Simply wait for your cat to make right moves, click the clicker and reward your cat with a treat. 

Price: £0.89 


Cat Training Clicker – App Store 

App for lost pets 

Cats going missing (and any other pet) is one of our biggest concerns as a pet owner. Luckily, in this modern age, we have apps to help us track our pets if they do run off unexpectedly. Read on for more. 

Find my VIP 

What it does: This app from Pets at Home is designed to try and help you find your missing furry friend. If you’ve noticed that your cat has gone missing, simply report them as lost on the app and a Lost Pet Alert will be sent to every app user within five miles who have their notifications switched on. The alert will include their picture, name and last known location. 

Remember to have your notifications switched on to help any other pet owners! 

Price: Free to download 


Find my VIP – App Store 

Find my VIP – Google Play 

Apps for cat sitting 

Sometimes you need to leave your cat alone for some time and want to ensure they’re safe. A cat app for cat sitting can help you find the right sitter for you. 


What it does: You might have heard of Rover for finding a dog sitter, but did you know there’s a fair share of cat sitters on this app too? Make sure to check it out! 

Price: Free to download 


Rover – App Store 

Rover – Google Play 

Disclaimer: always be vigilant when handing your cat over to a stranger. It’s important to do thorough research and build a trust with a cat sitter or boarder. 

Cat apps to watch your feline’s food intake 

If you’ve been advised to watch what your feline friend eats, cat apps that track food intake might be your friend. See more on this below: 


What it does: DuePet is an app that tracks your cat’s food intake on a daily basis. You can set a daily goal and log how much food your pet has a day. Similarly, you can also monitor your cat’s weight. Whether they’re set to lose or gain a bit of weight, you can make sure you’re on track to good cat health

If you're worried your cat may be overweight, our handy guide can help. 

Price: Free but offers in-app purchases to access all features. 


DuePet – App Store 

DuePet – Google Play 


We hope this article on cat apps was helpful! As you can see, there are a range of cat apps out there to make your life a little easier. Next, check out our article on how to massage your cat to treat your furry friend.