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Tabby cat pawing Christmas present

Genius Cat Christmas Presents for Your Furry Friend

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The Best Cat Christmas Presents 

Deciding what presents to buy friends and family for Christmas is always a bit of a dilemma - but deciding what to buy your cat is often even harder. Almost every Christmas cat gift you’ll find on the shelves of your favourite shops are things that you might love but your cat will be most likely be distinctly ‘meh’ about!

With some cat food brands bringing out festive specials, you can certainly plan them the perfect feline Christmas dinner (which they might or might not eat!) but what should you be putting under the tree for them to open on the big day?

Cat Christmas presents that will impress the feline in your life

Cat Christmas trees

Well first of all, how about giving them their very own Christmas tree? I don’t mean one with lights, baubles and tinsel (all of which can be hazardous to cats) but a proper cat tree that they can climb, supervise the household from, sleep in or on, and with appropriate enrichment depending on your own cat’s personality. 

Cat trees come in all shapes, sizes and budgets - or you could even make your own. This is a Christmas cat gift that will help stimulate your cat and give them the enrichment that is often missing in the lives of our felines - no matter how pampered they are. 

We often forget that cats are all about the vertical as well as the horizontal - and so they enjoy exploring different heights and having a variety of resting places on different levels and ideally some hiding places too. This gives your cat an outlet for their natural climbing and jumping behaviours too - as well as keeping your cat safe and to supervise the festive madness! Better still, this is a tree that can stay up all year round. Make sure you attach the tree to the wall somehow however so it is secure and can’t fall over. Find out how to choose the best cat tree with our helpful guide.

Cat toys

If you have an active cat, you can include hanging toys and things to play with. Puzzle feeders and cat wand toys make the perfect cat Christmas presents for these felines.

Toys are all well and good - but as natural hunters and top of the tree predators, few cats will play with toys that just sit there and don’t move! Cat toys need to be interactive - and there is nothing more enjoyable than playing simulated hunting games with your cat. Once again, find the best toy to suit your cat’s personality. Some like extreme chase toys (‘things on strings’) that involve chasing, jumping and leaping - while others find them a bit intimidating and prefer gentler games - or even food-dispensing toys that call for a more thoughtful approach to hunting. Almost every cat will play with toys. If you take time to find the ones that suits their personality and activity levels, you’ve got the perfect Christmas cat gift.

Relaxing spots around the house

If you have a more sedate feline who enjoys nothing more than a luxurious snooze, make sure there are a variety of sleeping and relaxing spots as well as hiding places for when they want some me time. 

Interactive ways of feeding your cat

When it comes to Christmas dinner - or indeed any meals - think about how you are feeding your cat. Sometimes the best Christmas present for cats is to every now and then forget about the bowl and find a more interactive way of feeding that stimulates your cat’s natural hunting and eating instincts. Maybe this is a licky mat (they are not just for dogs!), or maybe it is scatter feeding, or food dispensing toys, or activity mats... Or food hidden around the cat tree. The choice is endless. You can even make your own toys - putting kibble in an old egg box works well - and when your cat gets the hang of that, you can use your old Christmas wrapping paper scrunched up in the box to make it more of a challenge! Not only will this simulate their natural feeding instincts, it might well help them become more active, engaged, and lose some weight! 

Claw scratching gifts

We all like beauty products for Christmas - and your cat is no different. The perfect feline beauty product however is a good and enticing claw scratching place so they can indulge in a festive (and beyond) pawdicure.

Claw care is very important for cats and so spend time discovering your puss’s favourite texture - some like wood, others like sisal-type material while others prefer textured cardboard. As always, the very best Christmas presents come from someone who takes time to get to know what you like and will enjoy - and our cats are no different. 

Delicious Christmas cat food

You can also treat your pet to a festive dinner featuring their favourite flavours. From Christmas Stocking cat treats to Christmas tins for cats full of treats they love, there are plenty of delicious gifts that will get your feline into the festive spirit.

And lastly, of course, don’t throw away the Christmas boxes! Discover why cats love boxes so much and remember to keep your feline safe this holiday season. Here are a few Christmas safety tips for cats you might find helpful.