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Can Cats Eat Pork?

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There are probably many times when your cat has shown interest in sampling some of the foods you eat. The smell of juicy bacon in the morning has surely caught their attention more than you’ve previously realised. But can cats eat pork in any shape or form or is it better to keep them away from such foods? 

Well, the short answer is yes, cats can eat pork because they are obligate carnivores, meaning that a meat-based diet provides them with the protein they need. They actually love the taste of meat. However, it’s best that they don’t regularly consume human foods and we’re going to explain exactly why in this article. Below are some answers to the possible questions you might have about this topic. 

Can cats eat pork? 

As obligate carnivores, cats can eat pork as long as it’s in moderation and is cooked properly. In fact, pork provides the same kind of protein found in chicken or fish. However, to make sure that their digestion and health is not affected, only offer a few pieces of pork to your feline friend as a treat, once every few months.  

Can cats eat raw pork? 

No, cats should only be fed cooked meats. Raw pork can contain parasites and bacteria that could be harmful to your cat and might cause them to be sick. Because of this, it’s recommended that pork always be cooked before offering it to your pet. In addition, you shouldn’t add any seasoning either because this could impact your cat’s digestion.  

Is pork bad for cats? 

Pork is a food high in sodium and fat, meaning that if consumed often, it can lead to health issues like obesity or blocked arteries. Because of the sodium, it can impact your cat’s liver, kidneys, and heart. There’s also a common misconception that feeding your cat pork bones maintains oral hygiene, but this is in fact false, and bones are not only a choking hazard to your cat but can even negatively affect their dental health.  

Benefits of pork for your cat 

You may be wondering if there are any benefits to adding pork to your cat’s diet? Well, when offered very occasionally, pork can actually be useful. Here are some of the pros of using pork as a treat for your cat: 

  • It’s a good source of protein which is necessary for carnivores. 
  • It can easily be digested. 
  • Pork is loaded with vitamins and nutrients like vitamin B, niacin, zinc, potassium, and selenium. 
  • The vitamin B12 it contains can help boost your cat’s nervous and immune systems. 

How to feed pork to your cat 

Before introducing your furry friend to pork, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure they’ll enjoy it safely. 

  1. We recommend you use pork as a treat and only feed it to your cat in moderation, once in a while.  
  2. As with all meats, the pork should be fresh, organic, and high quality, if possible. It might be easier and more affordable to go for processed products, but these will not be the most appropriate as they can be very high in sodium. 
  3. Always remove all the bones before offering any pork to your cat.   
  4. Make sure to cut it into small pieces so that your cat can digest it more easily. 
  5. You should cook the pork before feeding it to your cat. You can either boil it or bake it but avoid using any flavourings or seasoning in the process. 

That’s it! You now have your answer to your question, “Can cats eat pork?”. If you’re in the process of choosing a new diet for your feline friend, you can also contact your trusted veterinarian who can always help you by offering the best possible suggestions.  

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