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Your Pet, Our Passion.
3 Week Challenge logo and cat
Purina One

You could see a visible difference in just 3 weeks

Keep your cat healthy by feeding her with Purina ONE or get your money back.
Cat and bowl of fruit
Day 1: Great appetite
Cat eating icon

With its delicious taste and high quality ingredients, Purina ONE will provide your cat with the nutrients she need, and the flavours she loves.

Cat leaping from sofa
Week 1: Higher levels of energy and vitality
Purina One Energy

You could see your cat’s energy and vitality levels increase aided by the high quality, complete and balanced nutrition of Purina ONE.

Close up of grey cat's face
Week 2: A healthier digestion
Cat with tummy highlighted icon

Purina ONE contains chicory, a natural ingredient that is proven to help improve digestive health. Thanks to appropriate fibre sources and the high digestibility of Purina ONE® you could also notice that your cat is passing small, firm stools.

Tabby cat walking
Week 3: Shiny coat, bright eyes
Purina One Coat

Purina ONE contains specific nutrients - including Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals - to help keep your cat’s skin healthy and her coat shiny. A high level of antioxidants also helps support bright, healthy eyes.

Cat sitting on sofa
Tomorrow: Strong natural defences
Cat with highlight around body icon

Our Purina ONE Bifensis recipes are specially formulated to stimulate natural antibody production to help support a healthy immune system and cell function, to help your cat stay healthy today and tomorrow.

A life time of care.
But 3 weeks to see a visible difference.