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Making a home

Making a home

Do you have everything necessary to create a great home for your cat?

Our three simple steps below will help ensure that you start off on the right paw together.

Step 1

Your home is a new environment and your cat needs to feel safe. A bed is essential - not just for sleeping in, but as a ‘refuge’ to rest. The bed should be warm, dry and comfortable, and positioned in a calm part of the home away from other pets and children. Your kitten should have his own litter tray, food and water bowls. Show your cat where they are and don’t move them around – he needs to know where to find them!

Step 2

Set up a home full of fun and safe entertainment for your cat. Your cat enjoys places he can explore, sofas or armchairs to climb on, toys, and a room with a view that will help him expand his horizons (without having to leave the house!). Buy or make a scratching post with poles to climb on, holes to explore and a place to rest. The scratching posts are an outlet for his gripping instinct. That way he shouldn’t sharpen his claws on your furniture and carpets!
Playtime is a great bonding exercise, so think about toys that you and your cat can have fun with together. Check out our playful suggestions on how to make life a little brighter for you both with our fun games. Interactive toys such as balls that he can chase and plush toys to hang on the doors will also occupy him when you aren’t at home.

Step 3

It’s best to keep your cat indoors for the first two or three weeks, until he starts to feel at home. After that, if you decide to let him go outside, make sure that he is microchipped and all his vaccinations are up to date. Take time to introduce him to the big, exciting outside world gradually. If you have a garden and live in a quiet area, a lockable cat flap can be a good idea - it means he can come and go during the day, but also lets you shut him in at night for safety.
​ Always make sure your outdoor cat is wearing some sort of identification tag listing your address and vet's phone number. We also recommend you get him a collar with a reflector strip to help motorists spot him at night.

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