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GO-CAT® Cat Games

Cat games: the irresistible ball

  • irresistible-ball-1

    To make the irresistible ball, you need the following items: :
    - Pair of scissors
    - Pen
    - Toilet roll tube
    - Go cat® dry food

  • irresistible-ball-2

    1. On the tube, draw 4 lines separated by the width of a finger.
    2. Cut along the lines (you get four rings).

  • irresistible-ball-3

    3. Insert a ring into another ring.

  • 4. Insert the 3rd and 4th rings.

  • 5. Decorate the ball with the pen.

  • 6. Insert the Go cat® kibble.

  • Good game!


  • The irresistible ball is ready to roll!


CAUTION: Watch your cat while playing. Remove the toy if any of the parts move or come off.