'The Irresistible Ball' Cat Puzzle Feeder | Purina® GO-CAT®

The "Irresistible Ball"

  • irresistible-ball-1

    To make your "Irresistible Ball" you will need:
    - A pair of scissors
    - A pen
    - Cardboard toilet roll tube
    - GO-CAT® kibbles

  • irresistible-ball-2

    1. Mark four lines about a finger’s width apart on the cardboard tube
    2. Cut along these lines - you’ll end up with four rings

  • irresistible-ball-3

    3. Insert the first ring into the second so they form a ‘cross’...

  • 4. ...then insert the third and fourth rings diagonally between rings one and two...

  • 5. Draw away!

  • 6. Drop in GO-CAT® kibbles

  • Well done!


  • Your "Irresistible Ball" is ready to roll!

CAUTION: Supervise your pet at all times during play. Do not allow your pet to play with the toy if any part comes loose. If you are making this toy with a child, please ensure they are supervised at all times when using scissors.