A good cat bed is also an important part of making a cat feel at home – it is the one space in the house that is wholly theirs. Finding the right bed, then, is important.

More and more owners are finding that cat igloo beds are the answer to their problems. In recent years, this type of bed has become very popular as cats and owners alike fall in love with them.

In this article, we explore what cat igloo beds are, what features you can expect and how to choose the right igloo bed.

What are cat igloo beds?

Cat igloo beds (or cat cave beds, as they are also called) are a new kind of luxury sleeping space for your cat. They’re beds that are enclosed and your cat can enter through an opening, much like a cave or an igloo. They are usually made of soft material such as cloth, wool or wicker, and they come in a range of colours, sizes and designs.

Once inside their cave bed, your cat is fully cocooned. There is only the one entrance which can make them feel safe and surrounded. Watching them poke their head out of these adorable little igloo beds will melt your heart.

cat sleeping in cave bed

Features of a cave bed for cats

These igloo beds for cats have several distinct features that make them highly desirable for pampered cats.

1. They’re soft

Cats love plush and gentle surfaces and, in a cat igloo bed, they are surrounded with a padded and soothing material. Plus the beds are often lined with an extra layer of soft fabric. It is no wonder that cats love their cave beds and often don’t want to leave.

2. They’re made from high quality materials

Unlike most cat beds that have some sort of plastic, wooden or steel structure, these beds are made almost entirely out of organic and soft materials. Many cave beds are made from felt or sheep’s wool. Some are even made out of organic plant materials for a more environmentally friendly choice for a cat bed.

3. They can be heated

Several cat igloo beds or cave beds come with an option to be heated. This makes them ideal for places that have chilly winters. We all know how cats love to keep warm and snuggly – and the cave bed is the perfect answer. Now, not only are they cocooned but their safe sleeping space is also heated!

Advantages of cat igloo beds

Considering how many soft places cats like to nap – on the sofa, on your pillow, on piles of laundry or a spare cushion lying on the floor – it is not surprising how popular these beds have become.

Cat owners around the world have realised that cat cave beds combine a range of perfect features for their cats. And what’s more—their cats love it! Here are a few of the advantages that have owners raving about this style of bed.

cat cave bed

1. Cats get more privacy

We all know that cats like privacy. They dislike wide open spaces that make them feel vulnerable and this is especially true when they are sleeping. A cat cave bed affords them the ultimate level of privacy because it surrounds them, making them feel cocooned from all sides.

Plus, there is only one narrow opening that is just enough for your cat to jump through. This makes the bed very easy to guard and can help cats feel more comfortable.

2. It’s a bolt-hole

If you have more than one pet or small children in the house, your fluffy feline may just want some alone time. Cat igloo beds are perfect for them to just jump into and disappear. The interior of the bed lets in very little so your cat can safely snuggle up and escape from the world around them.

3. They’re environmentally friendly

Several cat cave beds are now being made with organic materials that are recyclable. This makes them the ideal choice for the more environmentally conscious among us. There’s no reason why your cat’s bed cannot give them a great night’s sleep and be good for the planet.

4. They’re stylish

Cat cave beds are incredibly stylish and available in a range of designs to fit right into any home. Because their shape is so pleasing to the eye and because they come in a choice of colours and materials, you can pick one that fits with your house’s décor and feel.

How to choose an igloo bed for cats

Here’s what to look for when you’re considering buying a cave bed for your cat.

1. Size

When choosing an igloo bed, it is very important to get the size right. You do not want the bed to be too small, or else your cat may feel cramped. You also do not want it to be too large or your cat won’t feel as protected and cocooned. It is also important to make sure the entrance to the cat igloo bed is the right size, so that your cat can jump in and out.

2. Heating

When choosing a cave bed for your cat, keep your house’s ambient temperature in mind. Does it get cold in winters? Is your cat a senior cat and thus needs warmer environments for their joints and to feel comfortable? If so, a heated igloo bed may be the right answer for you. With a heated igloo bed, your cat will feel truly enveloped, snuggly and warm. We can think of no better way to pamper them.

3. Material

Cat cave beds come in a range of materials that you can choose from. Take your time to find the right material that your cat is comfortable with and that suits your home. Of course, pay special attention to whether your cat has any allergies. Materials that could bring out those allergies will not make a very soothing and peaceful cat bed!